Control freak?

Last night I took a well needed break and accepted an invitation to dinner with a new acquaintance and her childhood friend and his mate from high-school. I’ve only spent time with S at work so I was excited to get to know her better and I’d never met her friends before so this was bound […]

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Thicker than water

While taking a brisk walk through one of my favorite parks, I couldn’t hide my smile. I’m usually pretty melancholic on the days after a night shift, mostly due to lack of sleep and an urge to just devour every sweet thing that comes into view. (On these days I tend to watch most of those […]

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The curse of romantic comedy

WHY?!?!?! Why do single girls, like myself, sit and wallow ourselves in hopelessly romantic movies and chick literature? Like it would make us feel better? We know Prince Charming doesn’t exist and we still let ourselves get our hopes up during those 93 minutes and 57 seconds that my Mr. Right’s just around the corner! I know […]

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It’s not fair

I just recently learned that my ex boyfriends dream came true. My immediate thought was “It’s not fair! He doesn’t deserve it!” Then I got angry, and sad and I suddenly felt inferior and my confidence just dropped to the bottom of the sea in an instant. Then I got angry again. But this time I got angry […]

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A happy ending

Today I want to share an amazing experience I had a few months ago. I work as a nurse, a RN. I’m on my fourth year in this profession and the ride has been a roller-coaster! You meet so many people every day and even if you really wanted to, you can’t remember them all. But […]

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