About me

I’m a positive girl, well I should say woman since I’m almost thirty. People say I’m a reliable, good friend who always have a smile on my face. Loyal, kind, giving… Words people use to describe me. And for most part I guess I kind of live up to those beautiful words, those positive concepts.

I’m really lucky. I have a wonderful job as a nurse, I have a home, a family, friends and I’m free to do whatever I want and to follow my dreams. I’m rich, not rich as in having a lot of money, but rich as in not having to worry about how to pay my rent, rich as in having loving people around me, rich as in having the right to education and to vote.

Some people might call me spoilt. Do I really have a right to complain? So many people out there struggle in life. So many people have experienced way harder things in life than me.

No I don’t think I’m worthless. Yes I think I deserve happiness, love and respect despite what I’ve been through.

Yet I feel the need to express my darker feelings. A need to open up and bring out my inner, less beautiful thoughts. I’m not depressed, I’m happy and greatful most of the time. I just need a place where I can show weakness, express sadness, anger and happiness and put myself out there. I’ve always been a person with a need to express myself. So here it is, me expressing myself.



Forgive me for any misspelling or grammar error, english is not my native language.

All pictures taken my me.


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