A happy ending


Today I want to share an amazing experience I had a few months ago. I work as a nurse, a RN. I’m on my fourth year in this profession and the ride has been a roller-coaster! You meet so many people every day and even if you really wanted to, you can’t remember them all. But some people will always remain in my heart, some people I will never forget.

I work at an emergency ward. It was an ordinary weekend, I was working the nightshift with two other colleagues whom I work really well with. It was summer, many were on holiday. My colleague got a new patient around 4 a.m. in the morning. A healthy young man in my younger brothers age who’d had an accident, falling drunk off a vehicle. He was stable, had a few broken bones and a concussion. We were supposted to monitor him and make sure he wasn’t in pain. Something we do all the time. And even though it may sound really serious to you, you’re right it is quite serious, for us it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. When you’ve worked in an emergency ward long enough the word serious gets a new meaning.

Anyway, he was talkative and even though he couldn’t remember the accident itself we didn’t suspect any bleeding in his brain, the CT-scan was normal. So we just made sure to check up on him often.

We’re tought to always be prepared for the unexpected, always be one step ahead.

We were reminded of that lesson that early summer morning.

All of the sudden the alarmbell went off and I heard shouting, I had just put a needle into one of my patients arm.


My heart started to race when I saw which room I was needed in. The young mans room. I couldn’t just rush over there. I had to pull out the needle safely first. When things like this happen you always think it takes forever, you think you’re slow. It probably wasn’t more than a few extra seconds.

I ran to the room and saw the boy in the bed. Not breathing, blue in his face and my colleague doing CPR. Shit, shit, shit!!! I ran over to the boys head and while my colleague where doing compressions on his chest I tried my best to make sure he had a free airway and I blew the air in my lungs into his. I remember thinking:

You can’t die! I won’t allow you to die! Please don’t die on me!  

It was one of the scariest moments in my life. It took forever, he didn’t wake up. Our arms where starting to get numb. Then finally the ICU-team arrived and everything that happened then is now in a blur. I don’t remember it all. But I do remember him finally waking up and the relief we all felt.

I won’t explain the medical details. He stopped breathing but we saved him!

We saved him!

We saved him!

Except some extra pain in his ribs he was fine! He started to joke, he even remembered my name and I laughed while trying to hide my shaking hands.

Me and my two colleagues sat down an hour later, silent but greatful. Greatful for having each other, grateful that this boy is now breathing and joking in the room next door, greatful that we now can tell his family that he is ok. We hugged. We went home and tried to sleep after a hard nights work.

Later I found out that we all had cried on our way home.

We had all cried tears of happiness.

I love my job.


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